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Established in 1986,THE JAYA GROUP have emerged as a leader in all the areas which they kept their hands on . From industrial needs,IT services to satisfying tourists we have made it a point that no one matches our services.Our efficient and well appointed work force takes care of the supply and demand ensuring that supply always wins against demands.
Cochin is expanding, so is our business. With over two decades of experience in industrial gas distribution, we have provided our customers with round the clock facility and quality products in time. When our competitors follow an equation Supply == Demand, we follow Supply » Demand making and satisfying all customer requirement without any shortage in supply.
Jaya Tourist Home
We are one of the top tourist homes at Cochin offering comfortable stay. A homely place within city limits but still away from the heavy traffic congested roads of the city is the reason that many prefer us.
    Zignsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Started in 2010, with corporate office at Cochin, Zignsoft Technologies is a software and design firm. We have creative and well experienced work force in order to tackle any situation ensuring that client satisfaction is always met. Dedicated teams handle each client making sure that no requirements or requests remains unattended. Be it Software consulting, Software development, Software testing or any Design needs we are always at your service.